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Dadfaran Mehr Paw Law Firm invites interested parties to cooperate in order to develop its group of colleagues (lawyers, trainees and legal graduates). If you wish, please fill in the following form to participate in the introduction and acquaintance session.

Note (1): All applicants, after confirmation of initial qualification, will be trained professionally and after gaining ability will be employed in specialized areas (consulting, contracts, lawsuits, etc.).

Note (2): To get acquainted with how to work and cooperate with the institute click here and use of educational scholarships click here;

Note (3): To view comprehensive training courses and legal management skills click here, comprehensive training course and professional advocacy skills click here, arranging domestic and international contracts click here, litigation (general and specialized) click here, general litigation click here, specialized litigation click here, training and skills courses click here, supplementary guide to scholarship courses click here and other courses click here. It should be noted that applicants for cooperation with Pav will be subject to a scholarship contract and will be exempt from paying any fees for the training course.

Note (4): To view 760 hours of short training webinars click here and 500 hours of training and skills courses click here.

Note (5): Please register after reading the above and if you agree.

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Note: The meeting will be held at 2 p.m.